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Cast Spotlight 8/17/2018

"Suitable or fit to be relied on : dependable"

Flick is always thinking 'outside of the box', so instead of providing a written bio, he has graced us with a video! 

*please note, our Stage Manager Lithia has the nickname 'Deadite Wrangler' you know why.


Cast Spotlight 8/10/2018

Holly Blondheim - Linda

 Ingénue - (as defined by Wikipedia)

"A stock character in literature, film, and a role type in the theatre; generally a girl or a young woman who is endearingly innocent and wholesome. May also refer to a new young actress or one typecast in such roles." 

Holly Blondheim (Linda) is a wild and loving spirit from Harford County, MD. This is her first show with D.I.T.S.! She attended the University of Delaware for one year to study music education before she realized that college is stupid expensive, and then decided to take a semester off to work full time (and participate in kickass shows). Holly is a barista by day and a health nut/performer/avid napper by night. Her most notable roles include Belle in"Beauty and the Beast" and Cinderella in "Into the Woods".

 Holly loves working with children and hopes to continue her studies as a music therapy major with a concentration in children with developmental disabilities, at a much less expensive school. That being said, if you need a babysitter or want someone to sing to your children, hit her up.

Holly is super excited to be apart of this amazing show and would like to warn her parents that there ain't nothing princess-like about this show! Much love XOXO!

You can find Holly on Instagram  @holly.blondheim and on Twitter  @born_musical810


Cast Spotlight 7/28/2018

Lanoree Blake - Shemp

Fake Shemp - (as defined by  Bruce Campbell via Urban Dictionary

"Term coined by director great Sam Raimi, referring to actors who stand in for those that aren't currently available. Usually dubbed in and with their back facing to the camera."

Lanoree Blake is a Baltimore native whose theater experience extends as far back as four years old, where she played a miscellaneous child in A Christmas Carol. (You're welcome, Baltimore.) She spent four years as a Stage Manager before making the transition last year to performing onstage, and has been auditioning hungrily for anything and everything that comes her way. 

By day she is a pirate on The Fearless with Urban Pirates in Fells Point, Maryland; spreading the joy of plundering and terrible jokes to the youths. Her dreams for the future include befriending a grizzly bear, breaking a dumb world record like...ya know....fastest gum chewing or something, and starring in a terribly written PSA about the dangers of marijuana.   

You can find Lanoree on Instagram @sugarsprinkle69 and on Twitter @fcknjazhndsquad